Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stormy Weather

It's that time of year again. Winter is such a safe haven from thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Z plugged in the weather radio 2 weeks ago. Every cloudy day will now find Z glued to the Weather Channel and pacing back and forth looking out the windows. To Z, any noisy muffler driving by is thunder and he MUST check the Weather Channel. Paranoia over certain things is yet another TS trait. Z's is tornados. We should be grateful; I've read that other kids are paranoid about car accidents or burglars. These things happen year 'round; tornados are only in the summer. This gives us 7 months of respite. We could have the world's largest blizzard or 40 below zero weather and Z won't bat an eye.

We're glad that Z is no longer in school, because the other kids were starting to catch on, even though Z tried to hide his fears at school. That's all his bullies would need is another thing to torment him with!

The up side to this is that Z has become quite knowledgeable about weather patterns and what conditions will produce a thunderstorm. He has researched this by himself over the years and is getting pretty good at predicting the weather. Maybe he has a future in meteorology?


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