Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Maybes of Research

As I've said before; I've done a lot of research on TS. The first year I mostly researched the mechanics of the disorder. The last couple of years I've centered my research on co-morbid disorders and educational issues. These issues were what was causing Z trouble, so I narrowed my search.

Occassionally, I would run across an article on current research. I quickly scanned these articles enough to know that MAYBE scientists had isolated the area of the brain that cause TS, and MAYBE they've discovered a drug in Germany that can reroute neurons to bypass faulty areas. I decided to leave this area to the scientists and wait for something DEFINITE. I'm on a mission to educate our child.

I was recently brought up short on my lack of knowledge, so I went back and researched the mechanics again. When I last researched the WHYS of TS, 4 yrs ago, the MAYBES were slightly different. Back then MAYBE TS was caused by the brains overproduction of the chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Now, they say MAYBE TS is caused by the brains overproduction of dopamine, or MAYBE receptors in the brain are overly sensitive to dopamine. They very rarely mention serotonin now, except to say that MAYBE it has something to do with TS, but they're not sure how. There are also scientists that say MAYBE TS is a co-morbid disorder of OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), instead of the other way around. They're so closely related, it's hard to tell.

For every researcher that says one thing, there is another researcher that says the exact opposite. These aren't mistakes. It's just proof of how complex the human brain and nervous sytem are! They're exploring all possibilities. I thank God for the scientists out there who are researching all these MAYBES. MAYBE someday, they will find a way to fix the human brain without horrible side affects.

In the meantime, our son currently has an eye-rolling tic that is so severe that it's interfering with his reading. This slows his schooling down considerably. In addition, his OCD is preventing Z from taking out the garbage in his bedroom; there may be something in the garbage that he'll need! We've got our plate full just trying to find ways around these hurdles and many others. I'll leave the MAYBES to the experts.


At 5/18/2005 11:25 AM, Blogger greatwhitebear said...

I so admire your determination!

At 5/18/2005 1:45 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Thanks pal!

At 5/18/2005 3:51 PM, Blogger SME said...

Absolutely. For people who have depression, or TS, or anything else, you have your plate full handling the day-to-day stuff and keeping up with every study or treatment fad is NOT a priority.

At 5/19/2005 1:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I don't know how to respond via this blog system as this is the first blog I've read. I too have a TS son and as I read all your posts I am desperately wanting to share what has helped, actually cured, my son of the fogginess and lack of focus. He had such a huge problem with yeast and overgrowth! Treating that ALL the fogginess has disappeared - it is utterly amazing. I didn't even know HOW bad he was until we did this - he still tics but now his attention level is amazing! We are also avoiding yeast condusive foods. It is really helping. As I said this blog stuff is all new to me, I hate to be anonymous and if you have any questions please feel free to email me giselle1@pacbell.net

At 5/20/2005 3:22 PM, Blogger Nic said...

You are a true inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Hi from Michele's

I spent summers in rural southwest Minnesota on my Aunt's and Uncle's farms. It was the best time!

At 5/20/2005 4:10 PM, Anonymous JV said...

Howdy, Michele sent me!

At 5/20/2005 4:53 PM, Blogger Jesster said...

Cheers to you for your patience. I know kids in general just wear me out, you are truly a saint! How lucky your child is to have you for a parent.

Cheers from SUNNY Minneapolis! I'm expecting it to start raining again the minute I finally leave work. Argh.


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