Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Peak?

Z's schooling has not been going well, the last couple of months. Research says that TS peaks between the ages of 9-13. We're praying that this is the peak!

On the bright side, Z's 2 yr throat clearing tic has disappeared. He's also getting a lot better at recognising overreactive behavior in himself. The down side is that he now has a severe eye-rolling/blinking tic that interferes with his reading. This leads to frustration, which leads to an overreaction storm, which leads to regrets over his behavior, which leads to apathy. We need to break this chain, without being overbearing, as this leads to frustration, overreaction. . . . . .

Our shitty, rainy spring has done little to help anybody's mindset. Z spends his time checking the rain clouds and the Weather Channel. Frustration and worry have triggered Z's stomach problems, which gives him another thing to obsess over. L and I spend our time bitching about the flood in our backyard "jungle" and how the rain is stalling our efforts to complete our housepainting project. On the few nice days we've had, our outdoor chores are hindered by hordes of enormous mosquitoes and gnats!(At least SOMETHING is thriving in this weather) Our indoor spider population has also increased. This is actually turning into a good thing as Z is starting to obsess LESS about spiders. There have been so many spiders that he has actually started observing them and appreciating them for the beautiful creatures they are. Thank God for small miracles!

The last couple of years, we've been trying to organize Z's life. Not just his schoolwork, but his surroundings as well. Educators say that structure is one of the keys in conquering ADD. Right now I feel like a miserable failure in this regard. Z's room is once again in chaos, he forgets to check the lists of daily and weekly routines I have printed for him. In short, EVERYTHING seems to be falling apart!

Depression is settling over our household like a plague. We all have to physically PUSH ourselves to accomplish ANYTHING! Pulling ourselves up is our first priority.

Homeschooling would be soooo easy if Z was a "normal" child! Don't get me wrong; I don't wish to change him, TS is part of WHO he is. It's just that so much of our time is tied up riding herd on Z's short attention span. Kids his age SHOULD be able to help guide themselves through their education. Z very much wants to take control of his education, but he can't. We're hoping that his TS will start slowly sliding back to the level it was 4 yrs ago. We could handle this. Research says that by the time Z is 18, most TS behaviors will have leveled off to where they'll be for the rest of his life.

I apologize for this whiny, self-absorbed post, but you know what? Just venting here has made me feel a little better about our situation. I'd better go start the laundry, before I lose the little ambition I've just gained.


At 6/05/2005 12:32 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said...

Don't worry about venting (to quote my bud Chris) that is what we are here for! Anything that prepares you to deal with life is legit.

One of my nephews was/is ADD. He is now 20, in Engineering in a very tough university, and is a top student (totally unlike yours truly). He didn't have to deal with TS, although there are folks who accuse me of having it (speaking my mind). Praying for you all...Bridg

At 6/05/2005 1:38 PM, Anonymous ann said...

Completely off topic: Coulis is a thick sauce made of puréed fruit or vegetables, such as a raspberry coulis. Will properly comment on your post tonight. Best, Ann

At 6/05/2005 2:13 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Thanks Ann!

At 6/05/2005 8:14 PM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

I agree with Bridget. Never apologise for what you put on your own blog! It is your space to do with what you want and if people want to judge you that is their problem, not yours. They are not obliged to read or stay. Your devoted readers will keep coming and support you no matter what!

As for coulis: you can make sour cream coulis as well, basil coulis and even goat cheese coulis! The coulis options are limitless! They make stunning decoration for your plated dessert, appetizer, or soup!

Can you tell I'm a fan of coulis? Can you tell I've made a gallon or 85 in my life? My 12K at culinary school has not gone to waste!

At 6/05/2005 9:48 PM, Anonymous ann said...

Your blog is a perfectly wonderful place to vent much as you need! It sounds like there's a lot going for you right now, and you need to gain strength wherever you can get it.

Coulis: goat cheese coulis sounds delightful!

At 6/05/2005 9:59 PM, Anonymous Sagepaper said...

Expressing yourself here is very healthy. Writing helps you order chaotic thoughts and feelings. There was a study done a while back that showed a large minority of people do just as well by keeping a journal as by seeing a professional therapist. I wouldn't hesitate to call in the pros when needed; my point is that writing is a wholesome thing. If you haven't already, you can try the newsgroup "" they have a number of good people there. Sadly, they have some backbiters and cyberstalkers, too.

At 6/05/2005 10:04 PM, Anonymous Sagepaper said...

When I was a kid, my eyes would get sleepy before my brain did. I wanted to keep reading, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Mom said she had the same problem. I came up with a good solution, but we never implemented it.

I wanted to learn Braille. That way, I could turn out the light and keep reading. Now, I am considering learning Braille because there is a significant chance, based on family history, that I will go blind from macular degeneration. The Library of Congress has special programs for Braille readers.

While Z is going through this phase, maybe he could add Braille-reading to his growing resume of skills.

At 6/05/2005 11:04 PM, Blogger MonicaR said...

Cool idea about learning Braille.

You're doing a great job - the rainy days really get us down too.

I had forgotten that I have a nephew with Tourettes. He is so cool that I just completely forget about it most of the time.

Glad you feel a little better venting.

At 6/06/2005 1:37 AM, Blogger Vest said...

tshsmom: Don't ever change ,you are a Wonderful person.

At 6/06/2005 4:56 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

THANKS everybody!!


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