Friday, December 23, 2005

MORE mini houses

Several years ago we and L's brother's families mutually agreed to stop exchanging gifts. Thank heavens! We're out of shelf space.


At 12/27/2005 10:19 PM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Whoa! Didn't realize there were a lot more. I'll comment on this post.

yeah, we only have two of those thingies, so you all have us beat. :)

Love those things, but our puppy destroyed our "snow." Dumb puppy.

At 12/28/2005 4:25 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Whatever you do ZS, don't let people know that you like these! Look what happened to us; we're overrun with houses and WE only bought a couple of them.
Our snow's starting to look a little ratty, but nobody had it for sale this year. :(


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