Saturday, May 09, 2009

Good Morning?

THIS is the scene that greeted me this morning. That's right, SNOW!

The frost in our yard has only gone down about a foot, so our yard is still sloppy and muddy. It has rained several times in the past 2 weeks, which only adds to the slop. The forecast for the next week calls for highs in the 50s...not enough to knock the frost out of the ground.

We finally got sick of our cable company's haphazard internet service and shoddy tv reception. We're now in the process of switching everything over to our phone company. They hooked up our DSL a week and a half ago.

We found out that free installation is worth exactly that...nothing! All the technician did was hook filters to our 2 phone lines and plugged in the wireless modem. Nothing worked after the technician left except the phones, which are static-filled. It took L and Z a week to get us running. The tech hadn't even left the codes to access our account! Our DSL is only running at 10% of what it should be. We're wondering if our 23-yr-old interior phone lines are to blame.

This week I bought new, heavier phone line to replace our old lines. L and Z were going to crawl under the house and replace the line today. L came down with stomach flu yesterday, so I suppose Z and I will now be crawling under the house. If the new phone line doesn't improve our service we'll start raising hell with the phone company.

We're still waiting for the satellite tv installer to show up. I can't wait to see what kind of screw-ups that will involve! IF we ever get the whole system up and running we'll be saving $50/month for the next 6 months, and $20/month for the following 18 months. With this package we'll be getting free, unlimited nationwide long-distance, caller ID, and call-waiting(which I don't want). We also got a free mini laptop out of the deal....SWEET!

Naturally, my kitchen painting project is going slower than I expected. It took me all last week to complete the south wall, which is pictured above. It takes 3 coats of primer to cover the pattern on the printed paneling, plus 2 coats of paint! The paint was supposed to be a deeper shade of gold, but we're still happy with the results. I only have one coat of paint left to apply to the north wall, then I'm on to the east, and final wall. The east wall contains our fridge and stove, so we'll be doing a LOT of appliance moving during this phase.

I've had several interruptions in my painting project. One evening I spent at a meeting that layed out our options for water-line replacement. I'll post more on this later.
Last week we had an overnight visit from a very close friend. This week my beloved cousin, who recently lost her husband, drove 6 hours for an overnight visit. Both of these visitors wanted to see my Dad before he has surgery on Monday.

I have no doubt that the surgery will cure my Dad's colon cancer. We're all worried about Dad surviving the surgery itself. My Dad is almost 80, and a diabetic. He's also been weakened by the treatment for his prostate cancer.

My Mom's dementia has worsened in the past 2 weeks. We're certain that this is caused by the stress of Dad's upcoming surgery. We don't want Mom driving alone, so L and I have planned out a schedule for getting her to the hospital to be with my Dad during the week he has to spend in the hospital. L will take Mom to the hospital in the morning and bring their dog to our house. I'll pick Mom up and feed her dinner at our house, then I'll take her and the dog home. We've had to explain this plan to Mom EVERY day for the past 2 weeks! I'm hoping that we'll be able to pull off our plan without confiscating her keys.

Oops..gotta run...the dish installer just called. He'll be here in 30 minutes. I'll keep you posted...

UPDATE: We just had the 2 sweetest guys install our satellite service! One guy played tug-of-war with Hairry, and the other took pictures of the snow to show his kids in Tucson. They explained, in detail, how to take down the dish when we re-side the house. They also got us free HBO and Starz for 3 months, even though it wasn't part of the package we'd signed up for! When I mentioned that we were running new phone lines under the house, they said to run lines to the converter boxes and we'll save $10/month off our dish bill. No problem!


At 5/09/2009 9:16 AM, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said...

I love the paint color. It goes very nicely with your curtains. Sorry about the cable/phone situation. Been there, done that as they say. Pop over to my blog and see what we're fixing again! Plus many more home improvement projects in the works. Hey, with free long distance you can chat with Pat and I non-stop! :-)

At 5/09/2009 10:23 AM, Blogger Hammer said...

Problem is they use contractors to do the initial install and there is no oversight. the company folks have to come in and clean up the mess.

sorry about your mom and dad. I hope things get better.

At 5/09/2009 10:34 AM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Snow? Ack! We had pea-sized hail yesterday and the mountains above us had, according to the trail specialist across the street, 25cm of new POWDER this week. Thank God we are below those summits.

I hope today's installation goes OK!

At 5/09/2009 11:18 AM, Blogger Jeannie said...

Hope everything works out. I was going crazy for a while when my phone lines at the one salon were switched over - my debit/credit card machine didn't work right. They replaced a substandard phone line for free but it didn't help - it required an adjustment on the machine itself - but that company weren't helpful to me - only when the phone company called them.

Our dsl isn't very fast because the phone company has it throttled. Different phone company - the one that used to be great but now doesn't care. Their major competition used to be the assholes but they are great now.

I'm amazed at your progress in the house. I peeled wallpaper 3 years ago - I haven't even washed the walls yet and there's still bits of paper attached. I suck. To be quite honest, I probably would have the time to do it all if I made it but I'm not mentally up to it. It's deciding on a paint colour that has me stymied. Once I commit - I'll be obsessed until it's done.

At 5/09/2009 1:14 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

VV, Thanks! I've got a brown, flowered print material that I'll be refacing those curtains with...someday.
We'll have to figure out a time when we can talk and I'll give you guys a call...great idea! ;)

Hammer, Exactly! Fortunately the dish installers were a lot more professional.

We should know by Monday night how the situation will go with my folks. Thanks for caring!

WC, I was wondering if you got snow. Hopefully it won't get cold enough to snow at your elevation!

See my update about today's installation.

Jeannie, our friends, who live a couple blocks from us, have DSL that runs at the speed it's supposed to. That's why we think it's our phone lines. *crossing fingers*

I'm the same way! It took us a year to agree on a paint color. Once we picked the color and bought our flooring, I've been obsessed with getting it finished. At least painting keeps me busy while we wait for the weather to warm up.

At 5/10/2009 9:42 AM, Blogger Squirl said...

We're redoing the paint on in our living room/front porch area. And we ripped up the carpet to find some nice oak and the rest pressboard. I feel overwhelmed by this and then I think of all of the work that you and your family do.

Now you have your father's surgery coming up. You'll be in my thoughts.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

At 5/10/2009 8:00 PM, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope it's a great one!

At 5/11/2009 1:48 PM, Blogger tweetey30 said...

Hey there. Hope the surgery went well and you had a great mothers day yesterday.. I have been out of hte loop for a few days.. Hope it gets better and the satelite works better than the cable.

At 5/11/2009 6:33 PM, Blogger Gardenia said...

I too love the paint color - it is very comforting. I too hope things improve with your mom and dad, very soon. It has to be very difficult...sounds pretty stressful!

When I saw that you had more snow, I had to pull my eyes up to the posting date - thought you hadn't posted for a while. May 9th - good gracious!

At 5/13/2009 2:47 AM, Blogger Cherie said...

Tshs, I'm catching up on blogs - my goodness you've had a load!! First, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. How did the surgery go? And your mom - sounds like my mom. I know how hard it is. Sorry about that, too.

And all the other stuff. Good grief! I hope you find some rest - a respite somewhere, somehow.

Your kitchen color is similar to mine - deeper shade. Lovely and cheery! May it lighten your spirit when you sit there and look at it.

I'm thinking about you and praying for you. I'll check back again to see how things are.

At 5/14/2009 11:55 AM, Blogger Courtney said...

If I never have to give another dime to a phone company, it will be too soon. Up here it's the satellite companies that have poor service and our cable company that has great service. I guess it's different everywhere.

You haven't updated about your moms and pops, so I'll just say I hope it went well. {{{hugs}}}


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