Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Still Here....Sort of...

Sorry I haven't been around much, but we've been busy.

We decided to wait until fall to insulate and sheet our garage. This summer was just too hot to try to work in an uninsulated building with a metal roof! On the weekends, all 3 of us have been working on screwing sheets of 1/4" OSB to the ceiling. During the week, after work, Z and I have been insulating the walls and hanging sheets of 7/16" OSB. We SHOULD be able to complete the ceiling this weekend, and the final wall sometime next week.

Last year we were painting our garage, house, and shed. Painting is pretty mindless work. You just grab a brush, paint, and ladder and do it! Carpentry takes a lot more brainpower. I have to figure how many sheets of OSB we need, and how to cut and hang them with the least amount of waste. Insulation is even trickier. We're using thicker insulation for the attic, so I have to know how much we need of each kind. Insulation comes in many different sized packages, so I have to figure how much each kind is per square foot, to see which is the better buy.

Then there's the constant measuring around outlets, doors, windows, garage door tracks, and garage door openers. I've always been a proponent of "measuring TWICE and cutting ONCE". Mis-measuring can get expensive very quickly!

By the time we quit working for the night, it's time to make dinner and go to bed. Posting to my blog at that time of night has been out of the question! I couldn't put a coherent thought together to save my soul! I tried posting when I got up Sunday morning, but Blogger wouldn't let me sign in.

Today, I'm playing catch-up with a little housework and paperwork.

In case anybody is interested, it took:

28-4x8 sheets of 1/4" OSB, 896 sq ft of insulation, and 7 lbs of 1" pole barn screws, for the garage ceiling.

AND 28 sheets of 7/16" OSB, 816 sq ft of insulation, 816 sq ft of plastic vapor barrier, 1/2 box of 1/4" staples, and 20 lbs of nails for the garage walls.

I get tired just looking at that list.


At 9/25/2007 3:43 PM, Blogger tweetey30 said...

I had it figured you were just busy with home schooling and reading his papers that you just didnt feel like reading any of us for the time being. Well glad to hear the garage is coming along though. I really need to plan a trip home sometime. I just need to get out and go. but there is always the But right? LOL... Anyway thanks for the update on the garage status.

At 9/25/2007 5:38 PM, Blogger Gardenia said...

Oi - I know you guys go gung ho in the fall preparing for winter! Was wandering what you were up to this fall, now I know. Twenty pounds of nails? Oi again.

At 9/25/2007 9:16 PM, Blogger Notta Wallflower said...

You guys sound very busy. It's been busy here too. Hope everything goes well with all that you guys have going on. :-)

At 9/26/2007 8:02 AM, Blogger Hammer said...

That kind of work can be fun if you can get into the "zone" and hyperfocus on the project at hand.

I try to avoid that stuff until I'm forced to deal with it :)

At 9/26/2007 11:43 AM, Blogger Cherie said...

Right there with you, Tshs! The list was clear and interesting to me. I have similar lists around the house. You are right that painting is pretty mindless but putting in sheeting and insulation, measure twice cut once, yep, much harder and brain taxing.

Good for you guys for getting so much done! I'll bet your garage looks fantastic!

Missed you, but figured you were working on your project.

Take it easy.

At 9/26/2007 5:17 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Tweets, Z's lessons right now involve being my apprentice. He caught on immediately, and was the first one to notice that the builders were off by a 1/2 inch on one of the wall studs. He amazes me!

Gardenia, you're right; Fall is short and the chores are many!

Notta, settling in a new house AND preparing for a baby is a LOT to do! ;)

Hammer, EXACTLY!! Once we're in the "zone", it's hard to stop.

Cherie, at least with this project, the mess is all in the garage, and not in the house! That's a first for us. ;)
Z is soooo proud of what he's accomplished out there. He's definitely pulling his weight!

At 9/26/2007 6:49 PM, Blogger Jeannie said...

I envy that you even started!

At 9/26/2007 6:55 PM, Blogger Squirl said...

Yeah, that makes me tired just reading it, too. I'm a slacker. I've been busy and not reading blogs as regularly as I should. But I just don't have as good a reason as you.

At 9/27/2007 8:05 AM, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said...

Gee I don't know why that would tire you out. ;-) I've got sanding, scraping, painting and washing off mildew to do. So have I gotten to it the past few weeks? Noooo. Will I get to it this weekend? Well, maybe, we're working on the Habitat House this weekend (barring any rain) and then we'll do our own work...maybe. Glad to see you're still around.

At 9/27/2007 1:59 PM, Blogger Gardenia said...

Yes, fall is short. My mother said it snowed on the mountain in Wyoming already.

At 9/27/2007 8:38 PM, Blogger Cherie said...

You can tell Z that out west two girls about his age are pulling their weight, too, putting up siding, shingles, painting, measuring twice and cutting once. You should see Cassie handle that nail gun! A thing of beauty.... : ) And Caroline uses the electric sander like an artist uses a brush - good eye, that girl.

Aren't our kids just the best - and the stuff they are learning. Amazing!

"You go, Z!!"

At 9/27/2007 9:26 PM, Blogger SME said...

"That's a lotta nails, there."

At 9/28/2007 11:13 AM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Nails are sold by the pound? Really?

At 9/28/2007 7:25 PM, Blogger Pam said...

Smart planning on your part - I can't imagine taking on that task during our HOT summer... We want to insulate our garage so I found your list of both materials and drudgery to be informative!
Fall sure keeps everyone busy. On tap for us this weekend is more big tree branch removal from damage done by one of the big storms we had a few weeks ago.

At 9/28/2007 8:31 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Jeannie, starting's easy, it's finishing that's tough. ;)

Squirl, I think the change of seasons makes us all a bit lethargic.

VV, your Fall is longer than ours. You've still got time. ;)

Gardenia, we had a snow shower 2 weeks ago. Fortunately it didn't stick!

Cherie, I really think that Z is getting a crush on your girls! The more he reads about them, the more he likes them. Intelligent girls that use tools AND play Wii. It doesn't get any better than that in his book! ;)
Z has claimed our 1/4 sheet sander as his own after refinishing our wheelbarrow last summer.
BTW, I put a boom-box in the garage last week and it really made the work go smoother.

SME, I FINALLY found a use for the 50 lbs of nails leftover from the sleazy vinyl siding episode.

WC, they do when you buy them in bulk. Otherwise you can buy a dozen nails in one of those little blister packs.

Pam, it actually got to 87F here last Sunday!! We were working in the attic and called it quits early. :(
My in-laws in Brooklyn Park just had their house re-sided after getting storm damage in May.

At 9/28/2007 9:21 PM, Blogger Candace said...

Holy stink that's a lot of work!!

At 9/29/2007 11:10 AM, Blogger Bridget Jones said...

ME too. Don't know how you do it but it reflects VERY well that you can and do!

At 9/29/2007 9:51 PM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Oh, I love painting. Whip out the old boombox and paint away. I love mindless work.

Good luck with all the work. May you not hammer your thumb (like I always seem to do).

At 9/30/2007 11:02 AM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Candace and Bridg, we got the ceiling done yesterday!! YEEEEHAAWWWW!!! No more working over our heads!

ZS, I've got a GREAT story about hitting my thumb with the hammer, that happened last week. :(
I'll post about it when I have time.

At 9/30/2007 11:55 AM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

I was in a hardware store yesterday and saw bulk nails etc. for $56/20lbs. Is that a good price?

At 9/30/2007 6:14 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

WC, I'm not sure. The nails we're using have been sitting in our shed for 11 years. Considering that we paid over $5/lb for pole barn screws, I'd say that price for nails is about average.


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