Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Epitaph

Ever since Junior High, I have had 3 best friends. We functioned well separately, but socially, we did everything together. The 4 of us were "close" friends with several other groups of "best friends" like us. None of us was the least bit "cliquey". We welcomed anyone to join us for conversation, giggles, or help with homework. In a class of 302, we were far from the "in" crowd, who openly mocked us. We all helped each other survive the cruelties of high school.

Several of our big group have re-established contact through FB. One of our friends, Sue, started a private Group page for us to privately chat about whatever is on our mind. We also have a monthly live chat. Sue named this group our Wine Club. Whenever Sue finds a female classmate on FB, she invites them to join our group. We're still not cliquey. My 3 best friends, and many of our "close" friends are members of the Wine Club. We also have several members who were casual friends.

One of our casual friends recently joined one of our ongoing discussions. This lady was quite shy in high school, but she always had a huge smile on her face. K frequently joined our group for conversation and giggles. Yesterday, K wrote her memories of all of us who were involved in this particular discussion.

Here's what she wrote about me:

"Your sense of humor, both verbal and non-verbal made Teen Years more comfortable. You never seemed to want to leave anyone out. You were approachable and when people left your company - they felt a little bit better about themselves and Life. You can be very animated in your own "Dry Humor Way."
Thank you for the smiles that lingered and brighten the day."

K's impression of the high school "me" brought tears to my eyes. The person she described, is the person I've always wanted to be. I guess I'm a success! I would be proud to have that paragraph as my epitaph.