Wednesday, October 05, 2005


10 feet of Cupboards!

I finally got all the living room stuff out of the bedroom. I quickly took pictures before my guys started stacking things where they don't belong.

This picture highlights our 10 ft wall of cupboards above our computer desk. We've got everything put away and I still have an empty cupboard.
L painted the ceiling light gray and I antiqued the ceiling trim to match the beamed ceiling in the kitchen and living room.

Next year L wants to build a new computer desk as this one is on it's last legs. I guess that's my first winter project: measuring and designing the new desk. *sigh*


At 10/05/2005 6:39 PM, Blogger Squirl said...

Everything's put away and you still have some free cupboard space? That's great! Well worth your effort. :-)

At 10/05/2005 10:22 PM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Those are pretty nice cupboards. That's one thing I'd like more of in the house we're in.

I can't wait until we get our project started. I've been throwing around blueprints for half a year now. It probably won't even be started for three or four years. :(

When it does, we're going to have a lot of storage, including some very nice cupboards.

You did a good job from the two pictures. Post more! :)

At 10/05/2005 11:33 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said...

More LOVELY!! That looks like a lot of storage space, good for you!!!

That work looks really worked your hearts out. VERY NICE!!!

At 10/06/2005 12:32 AM, Blogger MonicaR said...

Wowie Zowie!

Great pics.

The work never ends, does it? That's what I realized about 5 years ago - there is always another project waiting in the wings.

At 10/06/2005 3:32 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Thanks everybody!

squirl, clutter is my worst enemy! More storage is always my solution to clutter. Everything I design is about extra storage.

ZS, I'll post pics of the living room as soon as I put away the boxes of cds.

Bridg,this was our first attempt at hanging cupboards. We're very proud of the way it turned out!

Monica, ain't that the truth! About the time you finish all the projects, it's time to start over again.

At 10/06/2005 7:18 PM, Blogger Vest said...

tshsmom, thanks for your reply, the answer to the question on your Email to me is on my last two posts, On vest, Daily Gaggle.
BTW I like the job you have done, with the cupboards, sensational!!
You are not only a nice person but clever too.
Our present environs will remain static and will probably see us out, they are kept in good order by My darling wife Rosemary, who also has a black belt in shopping and relies on me to fix things around the house, enjoy your new surroundings.

At 10/06/2005 7:26 PM, Blogger FunkyB said...

I tried to comment yesterday, but Blogger was being evil.

I love that blue wall. We have a lot of woodwork in our house, and I think I may have to consider this color when I get around to actually doing my painting!

At 10/07/2005 6:36 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Oooooh, verrry nice!

At 10/07/2005 5:05 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Robin, they say imitation is the purest form of flattery and I'll take all the flattering I can get!

Thanks, Laura. We still have more projects in case you wanna come and play with our power tools.

At 10/07/2005 6:52 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Looks great. Would you believe that I've been without a kitchen sink and dishwasher now for seven of the 10 weeks I've been in my house? I think we'll be done tomorrow. Yeah, right...

At 10/07/2005 7:27 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

OK, no dishwasher AND no sink? Where are you washing your dishes, Jason?
Sorry Jason, but you always make me feel better because your house is torn up more than mine. ;)
We want pictures when you're done!

At 10/09/2005 6:00 PM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Can you reach way up there?

At 10/10/2005 8:41 PM, Blogger greatwhitebear said...

I'm looking for a new puter desk! Send me your design!

At 10/11/2005 2:10 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

WC, our ceilings are 7 ft, so it's not as high as it looks.

GWB, maybe I'll post the plans when I get them done. As big a procrastinator as I am, I'll probably be doing it in May.

At 10/05/2006 12:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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