Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cake From Scrubs and Shines

In appreciation for all of your kind birthday wishes, our son-in-law, the "Artist" drew us a cake to share. Now, if Miranda would just bring the hot chocolate, we'd be set.


At 11/09/2006 9:08 PM, Blogger Nancy Drew said...


At 11/10/2006 6:46 AM, Blogger tweetey29 said...

i say pretty neat.

At 11/22/2006 10:09 AM, Blogger tweetey29 said...

Hey guy. It looks like J and I are trading our beast in for another one and trying to make it home next month for x-mas after all. It will be M-W though. Mind if we stop and say hi????? Just let me know. thanks.


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