Friday, August 31, 2007

Small World!

ATTENTION SME AND TWEETS! Do you recognize the guy on the left? You should. You graduated with him! Sgt. Dave Karsnia was the arresting officer in the Sen Larry Craig incident. I didn't know David was a cop.

I've known this young man since he was a baby. In fact, I know his whole family! I thought my Dad was pulling my leg when he told me this. Then I thought it was just somebody with the same name. So I Googled it. That's David all right. He hasn't changed a bit. What a small world!

I'm trying to get caught up on the household chores while I'm packing for our trip tomorrow. Whatever isn't done by 10 p.m. will have to wait 'til Tuesday. Have a safe weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Glossary of the Ridiculous

In case any of you were confused while reading my previous post, here is the ultimate study guide:


The Star People aboard their Starships now orbiting Earth Shan, who have come to our Earth at this time from more than two hundred other Star Nations. They are called the “Hosts of Heaven” and have come in peace and love to help our planet and her people in our Ascension into fifth dimension by 2012. They have come by orders from Creator God without violence or evil and bring much love, education and new technology to assist us in better health and in cleaning up the pollution on our planet.

Ascended Masters
Those beings who have mastered their lessons in soul growth in 3D and higher dimensions, and have now come to help us in 3D to achieve our mission and to assist with the Ascension of our planet and her people.

The changing from third dimension (3D) to fifth dimension (5D), to rise in frequencies. Our bodies are presently changing from a carbon-based cell to a crystalline-based cell to accommodate these higher frequencies. Our planet and those who choose to do so will soon be moving into the fifth dimension.

To receive messages by various means such as by thought (telepathy), hearing (audio) or seeing (vision) from another dimension (such as 4D or 5D, etc.) These messages are called " channeled" messages and are given to assist us in 3D to better understand ours and other dimensions.

All existing things, the whole of Creation including galaxies, universes and super universes.

Creator God
The Creator of our Nebadon Universe aka Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn / Aton / Christ Michael.

A given level or rate of electrical frequencies at which the human body and all things vibrate. The rate of these electrical vibrations determine the conditions for living at that level. Those in 5D are invisible to us in 3D due to their higher frequencies. On our planet we live in third dimension. The next levels of higher frequencies are called fourth dimension, fifth dimension, etc.

Earth Shan
The Cosmic name for our planet. "Earth" is a generic term. There are many earths or planets, but our particular earth is named "Shan", meaning the planet of tears.

End Times
The end of our present civilization, the last days of our third dimensional existence on our planet.

Having reached a greater level of the understanding of Truth, through knowledge having gained wisdom and discernment, and the ability to communicate through one's God Spirit within with higher dimensions.

Creator God, who has taken the position of Pleiadian Starfleet Commander in order to better communicate with us yet living in 3D.

HU-man - Higher Universal Man, a free-willed human being created by Creator God in His image, which means having His God Spirit within by which to communicate with Creator God.

The name of the command ship of the Pleiadian Starfleet now circling our planet. Historically, the Phoenix bird rose from the ashes of the old to birth a new civilization. In the Phoenix Journals "Phoenix" refers to Truth. Truth is again rising from the ashes of lies to bring enlightenment to mankind.

The rebirth of your soul into a new human body, to return in another lifestream to a human body in third dimension, embodied in human form again. We reincarnate again and again in 3D via the Great Wheel of Reincarnation to learn our lessons in soul growth. We continue this process lifestream after lifestream until we graduate to a higher dimension.

Sananda Immanuel
Also known 2000 years ago as Esu Immanuel or Jesus Christ. Over these past 2000 years of study and learning he has grown in wisdom and has earned the title of "Sananda" which means "one with God". Sananda Immanuel is in charge of our earth's transition at this time from 3D into 5D by 2012.

Pure Light energy, Creator Source located at the Isle of Paradise, the center of the seven super universes, the Creator of All That Is.

Umm....what can I add, other than "Live well and prosper"and "May the force be with you"......or maybe "Nanoo, nanoo!".

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Spreading the Message

Critical Message from The Great White Brotherhood - Third & Final Attempt

July 26, 2007

I am Michael Sun Bear, and am honored to be asked to deliver this message from the following Ascended Masters and Tribal Chiefs to deliver this third and final message from the Great White Brotherhood.

This critical communication must reach all the decision-makers of this country and the world and I humbly ask you to help me achieve this goal. It is equally imperative that this message reach the tribal nations.

To those of you in mass media, please print this message in your publica
tions, and on your blogs and websites; those of you who know people in positions to get this message out please send it to them.

In light of the forthcoming events, it is imperative that the peoples of this world open their hearts and help one another selflessly. The future of our planet depends on it.

Feedback to is most welcome.

Much Love & Peace,

Michael Sun Bear


We are members of the High Council of the Galactic Federation of Planets in service to the Prime Creator, Ra Imperial Commander, Saint Germain Ambassador, Lord Sananda Kumara Commander in Chief Airborne Division of the Ashtar Command, Archangel Michael Prince of the Archangels and the Angelic Hosts, Julian Commander of the Ashtar Command, Modoc Consulate to the Galactic Federation, Anton Commander of the Silver Fleet, and Red Cloud, Black Elk, and Sitting Bull Ascended Tribal Chiefs.
We are also known as the Solar Fleet Cross or the Jerusalem Command. We function as Councils of Light peacemakers, diplomats and peacekeepers, located in the eighth octave of the planet Saturn which oversees the sector of the Milky Way Galaxy that protects the Divine Plan against interference or violation of its confederation law under Lord Melchizedek.
We greet you in love and in the light of the Prime Creator who has been contacting many of our families of Light more so now than ever before. You have sought our aid and now it is time for our presence to be known without any misgivings. Many of you now have acquired the understanding of wisdom to emulate the Ascended Masters through love and compassion. It is imperative that you know who you are.
For this beloved ones we are in total gratitude to your service to the light and do apologize that we cannot step upon your soil at this time. Just know in this linear moment it would be a disservice to many of those who have not yet awakened and who still walk with much apprehension and trepidation. We are willing for the moment to forego our union with all of sisters and brothers as we do want to merge together, but cannot until mass consciousness has reached the fifth octave.
Many of you have been drawn to moving to several different geographic locations over the past decade, since the Harmonic Concordance in 1987. This extensive period of shifting has been quite nurturing to your soul. Imminently there will be an even greater transitional shift upon your planet, which is necessary for the new earth�s formation as she continues to accelerate at hyperspeed through the Photon Belt toward the Golden Age.
In the interim we continue waiting patiently for the green light from the Higher Sirian Council of Light to begin our impending arrival to your surface where many of our members are currently as they were born on your soil and working with the Federation. They are in place to guide you without trepidation in preparation of any cataclysmic weather conditions that may occur while we are in transit to the fifth dimension.
Our mission is of peace and equality for those who choose it and will not be compromised by the illegal activities and secret operatives of your governments. Be assured that we are well aware of the recent military maneuvers to underground installations. Their activities do not go unnoticed and will no longer be kept hidden from the general masses and the untainted media.
For the moment know that you are being monitored by the Ashtar Command and if need be we will act under Federation law and will deactivate any detonated nuclear weapon or any other form of countermeasure that the governments may choose to use to create extensive disharmony and discord on the surface.
TO THE WORLD GOVERNMENTS Heed our words carefully. The final day has now come to play out your diabolical roles with your misguided leaders and administrative officials whose only intent is to annihilate humanity. YOUR TIME HAS NOW RUN OUT AS THE CABAL WILL MAKE ITS LAST AND FINAL ATTEMPT TO DOMINATE PLANET EARTH. You will be held accountable for all actions in accordance with the Sirian High Council of the Great White Brotherhood.
In accordance to the Federation of the Ashtar Command, those listed below are directed to move or be removed from their posts
� George Bush senior and his fellow illuminati who have never acknowledged the Prime Creator directives
� George W. Bush who not only has not conceded to prior directives but continues to impose deliberate and unnecessary suffering through brutality with no regard for human life
� Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, Felipe Calder�n, David Rockefeller, House of Rothschild, Rupert Murdock and all their subordinate operatives whose continued involvement has led to countless acts of sodomy, rituals and abductions of children and adults to be forcibly, held in bondage forever separated from their families and which is sanctioned by your most trusted government administrations
� All Federal Reserve Bank officials for their continued illegal practices
� 50% of all current politicians once the Bush administration falls

Please note that Prince Charles and Alan Greenspan are only public figures who have made a conscious choice to abide to the directives of the Prime Creator.

In addition know that

� Homeland Security Act will become obsolete because it has taken away individuals privacy and freedom only to allow government invasion of homesteads and removal of personal properties
� The CIA and all worldwide intelligence agencies will ultimately collapse
� Pharmaceutical companies that are not congruent in aiding humanitarian efforts will meet their own demise
� The current Roman Papacy under the influence of the illuminati and all its misguided global leadership will come to an abrupt end
� The Pentagon will close permanently
� A temporary closing of the Federal Reserve Banks and others while reorganization occurs
� FEMA, FDA will ultimately collapse
� All elected officials who have engaged in and choose to continue their illegal practices will be up for public scrutiny of their secret agendas and mistruths
� Existing media presently under the influence of the illuminati will transition toward more positive roles in bringing healthy media to the public awareness

Let it be known that the following persons, places and events have been currently on going under the directive of the Prime Creator

� The current mission of our lightship Cathena is the removal of all chemtrails and the aircraft and pilots responsible for spewing poison into your atmospheric and stratospheric skies which has now reached critical mass
� Purification of ocean waters through an accelerator technology that produces highly advanced light and sound frequencies to reverse the water electron molecules
� Dennis Kucinich and Barack Obama are to temporarily fill in the executive branch vacancies
� Select branches of government will be absorbed into a new governing body that ultimately will be formed and approved by specific members of the Sirian High Council

The delegations of the High Council of the Ashtar Command are Universal Ambassadors and currently have members of the Federation Command which are composed of countless lightships from various planetary systems. We are currently living among our brothers and sisters of the light on your surface soon to return to our respective places of origin when our mission is completed.
Just know that we are in the lightships above you and we will do all that is necessary to stabilize your planet so that we may all join together within the United Federation of Peaceful Worlds.
Our delegations will soon meet with certain heads from your newly elected body of government and want you all to know that you are not alone in the Universe.

High Council of the Galactic Federation of Planets
Ra Imperial Commander
Lord Sananda Kumara Commander in Chief
Saint Germain Ambassador

I don't quite understand why Clinton has to go, when he was the one who signed the NESARA legislation. OOPS, I mentioned NESARA. That's an automatic death sentence amongst our federal officials.

SME wants to know if the spaceships have "Kucinich/Obama in '08" bumper stickers.

All you Illumanati out there had better watch out! Your days are numbered. God's on the mother-ship and he's taking you out of power.

According to my sources, there have been a flurry of UFO sightings recently.
There were 5 UFOs spotted on July 21, 2007 over Stratford-On-Avon, UK
100 UFOs were spotted hovering over Sacramento in broad daylight on July 22, 2007
July 30, 2007, there were sightings in Romania.
I'm not sure if everyone can see these UFOs, or if you have to be one of the "chosen", who have advanced past the 3rd Dimension.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode: the layman's guide to alien terminology....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SHE Makes a Mother Proud

Not every mother has a daughter who gets accused of being an "accessory after the fact of War Crimes" AND a CIA mole, all in the same week.

SME has always been a relentless researcher of all things weird. This week she did a post on all the paranoia that's circulating around via a myriad of Conspiracy Theorists. Within a few hours of posting, SME received a comment from one of the theorists she had posted about. This man labeled her a "war criminal" because she didn't believe that chemtrails and aspertame were the tools of our insidious government to make us more suggestible.

The following day, SME received a comment from another theorist that she had mentioned in her post. This man wrote a post on his blog about her, labeling her a CIA mole. C'mon, EVERYBODY knows that there are CIA agents out there blogging solely to discredit conspiracy theorists. This theorist also thinks that SME is a MAN, and that she watches Fox News. SME says that she doesn't mind being called a CIA mole, or a man, nearly as much as being accused of watching Fox News! Yup, my kid is WAY too liberal to watch Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly.

Apparently, these theorists have nothing better to do than Google their names to see who's mentioning them on the internet. Perhaps they have an ego problem in addition to their paranoia?

SME also received a comment from a guy that believes in some weird extraterrestrial armada, that's hovering above the earth. I've been reading the blogs of some of these *ahem* "gentlemen". I've collected a few gems from their blogs that I'll be posting over the next few days. What a HOOT!

In the meantime, if you're looking for a few laughs, visit SME at or at:
Oh, don't forget to wear your tinfoil hat!

This Is a Test of the Emergency Tinfoil Hat Network

"If you build it, they will come."-Field of Dreams

Alfred Webre

Alex Constantine

Or maybe I should just say "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice"?

Sunday, August 26, 2007


This has been a WEIRD summer!

We started out in a drought. In June, we were flooded with rain. Now, we're in drought conditions again. *sigh*

July and most of August were beastly hot. By the time I'd get home from work, I was too sick from the heat to accomplish anything. We're hoping that we'll be able to complete our garage insulation project in September and October.

Conditions at work are nothing short of insane! Honest, reliable employees are impossible to find. The 2 new waitresses we're trying to train in for the afternoon shift just aren't getting it. They can't add $3.00 to $2.95 without a calculator! They think their only duty is to wait on customers. Cleaning and restocking aren't in their vocabulary. Between customers, they play on their cell phones. When those damnable phones ring, work comes to a standstill. Boss keeps threatening to ban cell phones at work. DUH! She should have banned them from the start!

Poor Z must be abused, by today's standards. He doesn't wear designer clothes, doesn't own a cell phone, and has never had his hair dyed. Feel free to turn us in to the authorities. Poor Z can intelligently discuss politics, world affairs, AND he can add $3.00 to $2.95, in his HEAD, without hesitation. He also doesn't approve of the skanky way most teen girls dress, and questions the self esteem of girls whose life is controlled by their promiscuity. He just shakes his head when these same girls question HIS maturity.

Our contractor will supposedly be replacing the roof on our house before winter. We haven't heard from him all summer. L talked to him last week, and he said he'll be over to take measurements soon. I hope we have enough money put away for this project.

We haven't done anything fun since SME was here. We need to escape from our frustrations. So, next weekend, we'll spend our long weekend in the Twin Cities. Hopefully, a little down-time will re-charge us enough to complete our projects before winter sets in....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back Online

We've been without internet service since Thursday night. Our cable company said there wasn't a problem in our area. Z and L have been trouble-shooting our systems for the last 4 days; our equipment is working!

Today, we miraculously have internet service again.....but it wasn't the cable company's fault. If you buy that, I've got a great deal on some swampland.

I've got a LOT of catching up to do with y'all.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My World....Part II

Hufflepuff, values hard work, loyalty, teamwork, patience, friendship, and fair play above all else. According to Rowling, Hufflepuff corresponds roughly to the element of earth.

My Dad's Heritage:

Both sets of my Dad's grandparents were 1st generation Americans, and PROUD of it! They settled in southern MN, homesteaded virgin farmland, and raised proud, hard-working families.

Dad's maternal grandparents were total opposites.
Great-grandma S(Witch), was 100% Slytherin! The nicest thing anybody EVER heard her call great-grandpa S(Gramps), was: "You old fool!" Our family has hundreds of pictures of Witch. She NEVER smiled! Witch had a permanent scowl etched on her face. The only time my Dad ever saw her smile, was when someone had encountered a tragedy in their lives.

Witch managed to leave her mark on each of her 7 children. Her eldest child, J, was conceived out of wedlock. Witch blamed J for everything bad in her life. Witch never would have married Gramps if it wasn't for J. J was the reason Witch had to spend her life as a "lowly" farmer's wife. J left home as a teen to seek his fortune as a logger in northern MN. He promised to return to rescue my Grandma, when he got settled. J never returned. He sent many letters to Grandma. The last letter Grandma received, said that J was working on a railroad crew in Montana. When J's letters stopped, Gramps hired a Pinkerton detective to find J. No trace was ever found of J. This devastated my Grandma!

My Grandma was the 2nd oldest, and was little better than a House Elf to Witch. It was her duty to keep her younger siblings clean and out of trouble. She, and her younger sister N, were also in charge of keeping the house clean, clothes washed, and food on the table. These chores weren't uncommon to farm girls of that era. However, nothing was ever done good enough for Witch. She constantly belittled Grandma and N.

The worst notion that Witch instilled in all her children, was paranoia. Witch told her children that people were always talking about them, behind their backs. According to Witch, the world was out to get her family, and they shouldn't trust anyone. This sad legacy carried into their adult lives. There were many times when the siblings wouldn't even associate with each other, because of some imagined slight. I still remember Grandma's 80th birthday party. My great-uncle attended the party, but refused to talk to my Grandma. He stood in a corner in the kitchen, and told everyone that he'd heard that Grandma had insulted him....over a year ago!

The one saving grace in Grandma's miserable childhood was her father. Grandma worshiped Gramps! Grandma's fondest memories were of the times she was sent to help Gramps around the farm. Gramps adored kids and animals, and passed this love on to his children. Gramps was the nurturing influence in his family. His kids could always count on his comforting words after Witch had belittled them.

Gramps grew up playing with the Indian children in a nearby village. Here, he learned to love and respect nature, and all living things. Gramps had a life-long love of learning. He constantly tested new farming methods, and gadgets, which paid off handsomely. Gramps built a room in his barn, which became his study, and a refuge from Witch. His kids and grandchildren were always welcome in his wondrous little room of learning.

The pictures we have of Gramps, show a bandy-legged man, barely over 5 ft tall. His mouth, beneath his bushy, white, handlebar mustache, was always twisted into a mischievous grin. I always wished I'd known him! Witch towered over him. I'm hoping that my height is the only gene I inherited from her.

Before marrying Witch, Gramps single-handedly created a prosperous farm on his homestead. The farmhouse he built was the envy of the surrounding area. Gramps passed his carpentry skill on to his sons and my Dad. Thanks Gramps!

My Grandpa rescued my Grandma from her abusive mother the same way my Dad rescued my Mom from Bink.

We don't know much about Grandpa's past. We DO know that he and his siblings were the kindest bunch of people you'd ever want to meet! Grandpa didn't come from a prosperous family like my Grandma did. Grandpa did manage to keep his 6 kids fed and clothed through the Great Depression, by eking out a living on a rented farm. Grandma and Grandpa were masters of making something from nothing. Grandpa could rarely afford new equipment, but he was a genius at repairing and maintaining the equipment he had. Grandma was the best seamstress I've ever known. The flour sack dresses Grandma made for her daughters were works of art. She NEVER used a store-bought pattern! Grandma's flower and vegetable gardens were the envy of all the neighbors.

Grandpa's love of children and animals was legendary! His draft-horses and dogs were always extremely well-trained, and were totally devoted to Grandpa. He was strict, but loving with his children. He always explained why he expected certain behavior from his children. Grandpa hopelessly spoiled all 10 of his grandchildren. He didn't have the money to spoil us with material goods; Grandpa spoiled us with his TIME. As the youngest grandchild, I only knew Grandpa for 5 short years, but his kind eyes are forever etched in my brain. Grandpa would spend hours listening to my inane chatter. He wasn't just absent-mindedly listening either; he really LISTENED! He would constantly ask me questions about what I was saying, and always remembered what we had talked about. I loved to make Grandpa laugh, which wasn't hard. His laughter was infectious.

As the baby of the family, I was always Grandma's favorite grandchild. My cousins say this was because we didn't live in the same town, and my visits were special. I think it was because my grandparents had retired from farming by the time I was born. Grandma could spend quality time with me when she wasn't trying to run a farmer's household.

I was also the only grandchild that ever showed an interest in sewing. Grandma always saved her fabric scraps for me. What a TREASURE! I clothed my Barbie's for years out of those bags of scraps. Grandma always had infinite patience with me in her sewing room, garden, and kitchen. I learned a LOT from her!

I was also the only grandchild who would go through the family photos with Grandma and listen to her stories. We spent many happy hours scrounging through the cigar and shoe boxes stuffed full of tintypes and other photos. My only regret is that I didn't take notes on Grandma's stories. At the time, I thought I'd always remember all the details.

My "Hufflepuff" Legacy:

My life revolves around children, animals, and nature.
I'm a genius at making do with very little.(L's words, not mine.)
Learning is a lifelong pursuit.
I have my Grandma's green thumb. Most of my houseplants started as cuttings I received from Grandma. Those plants are quite precious to me.
I'm an adequate carpenter.
I take pride in my work.
I can sew damned near anything! My Dad once sewed a portable ice fishing house out of canvas, which he attached to a collapsible wood floor.
I work hard for what I have.
I'm extremely loyal to family and friends.

I think we all have Slytherin ancestors lurking in our closets. I was fortunate to have stronger Hufflepuff genes to override the Slytherin traits. I am ashamed of the Slytherin members of my family, but you know what they say......"That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!"

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My World, According to Harry Potter; Part I

This has been a week of soul-searching for me.

Wednesday, my mother once again goaded me into a political fight. I try, at all costs, to avoid discussing politics with her. SME has wisely taught me that nodding, while interjecting an occasional "Uh-huh", is the best way to cope with my mother's venomous hatred of all things "Damncrat"( Democrat). BUT...there are times when her irrational rants get to me, and my brain refuses to override my mouth!

I also finished the final Harry Potter book this week. It was a bittersweet experience.

These two events got me to thinking about why I am so different from my mother. The whole "nature vs. nurture" debate began to rattle through my brain. I began to sort through the good and bad traits on both sides of my family. SORTING....hmmmm....where would the Sorting Hat place ME?

Here are the major traits of the Hogwarts houses:

, values hard work, loyalty, teamwork, patience, friendship, and fair play above all else. According to Rowling, Hufflepuff corresponds roughly to the element of earth.

Slytherin values ambition, cunning, resourcefulness and pure blood heritage. The book also suggests that power-hunger is a characteristic of Slytherins.

Ravenclaw values intelligence, knowledge, wit, and wisdom. "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure" is an oft-repeated Ravenclaw proverb

Gryffindor values courage, chivalry, and boldness above all else.

How do these traits fit my family?

My Mother's Heritage:
Her father was 100% Slytherin!
Bink, his family's pet name for him, was militantly proud of his 100% Norwegian heritage. He made sure that he married a girl from fine Norwegian stock. My mother's family disowned her, for a time, when she married my Dad, a lowly German farmer.

Bink was mentally abusive to his entire family.
He managed to destroy my grandmother's will to live by the time her children left home.
He would visit each of his 3 children's families for extended periods. During these visits, he did everything in his power to destroy relationships between the families. He constantly told me how stupid and ugly I was, and how gifted my cousins were. I later found out that he said the same horrid things to my cousins, who thought I was the gifted one.

Bink sexually molested my mother.
I've had suspicions about this for the last 20 years or so. This past year, my mother finally admitted this fact to me. When I was little, my mother forbade me from driving alone with Bink. He would constantly want to take me to the store to buy me treats. Mom said he was a terrible driver, which he was, and didn't want him to get in an accident with me. However, Mom would allow Bink to drive if she was along. This, and other red flags in my mother's behavior, always made me wonder...

Bink always believed he was meant for better things and NEVER soiled his hands with manual labor. He continually moved his family around the midwest, searching for the good life he was entitled to.

Bink was extraordinarily charming and witty to anyone outside the family. His acquaintances always told us how lucky we were to have him in our family. Manipulative old bastard!!

Bink's father was a Lutheran minister. My mother adored her grandfather. Anyone who knew him claimed he was the salt of the earth. I don't know....where did all of Bink's perverse behaviors come from?

The maternal side of my mother's family were more genteel. Mom's grandfather was a well-to-do banker. His two daughters were raised to be kind, gentle wives and mothers. Her family was happy when my grandmother kept the bloodlines pure by marrying my Norwegian grandfather. My grandmother's sister never married. She became a career woman and had a lifelong extramarital affair with Bink. Nice, huh? I'd say that this side of the family was 75% Slytherin.

How did all of this affect my mother?

Mom's low self-esteem has caused numerous depressions in her life. Dad doesn't believe in psychotherapy, so the two of us spent a LOT of time walking on tiptoes around my Mom. Dad felt that the best way to make up for Mom's childhood was to cater to her every whim, no matter how unreasonable.

The only time my Dad has ever crossed my Mom, is during her 16 year bout with menopause. Every 4-6 weeks, Dad would drag Mom, literally kicking and screaming, to the doctor for a hormone shot. From a very young age, SME learned to recognize when Grandma was due for a "happy shot". I love my Mom, BUT, she was the biggest hormonal bitch I've ever met in my life! She's always been prone to tantrums, but menopause increased her tantrums, depressions, and delusions tenfold!

Mom tries to hold everything dear to her under a tight rein. She's very loving, as long as it occurs within her own parameters. Mom's obsessive over maintaining a spotlessly clean, orderly home. She always expected immediate, unconditional obedience from me.

Mom carries lifelong grudges against anyone who has made the smallest slight to her psyche. To this day, she brings up things I said as a toddler when she's upset with me. While in the throes of menopause, Mom took an instant dislike to L the first time she met him. A couple of his mannerisms reminded her of Bink, so she insisted that I could never have a happy relationship with a man who was just like my grandfather. She wouldn't believe me when I told her that L is NOTHING like Bink! After 30 years of being a wonderful father and husband, L still can't gain my mother's respect.

Mom is also militantly opinionated, with very little logic, about EVERYTHING! There are no shades of gray with her, only black and white. In politics, there are only Republicans and "Damncrats". There are NO 3rd parties, even though I rattled off a list of 10, 3rd parties to her during our argument. I am proud of the fact that, after a lifetime of argument, I have finally got my Mom to admit that "maybe some" gays are born that way, instead of consciously choosing their sexual orientation. I should have quit arguing with her while I was ahead!

At this point, I'm sure you're all thinking the Sorting Hat would send me to the house of Slytherin. Part II of my rambling thoughts will deal with my Hufflepuff side of the family.