Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I came down with something last Wednesday. I'm just starting to function a bit better.
Z and my Dad got it Saturday.
L got it Sunday.

This illness progressed the same way in all of us:
Day 1-Sore throat
Day 2-Monstrous headache!
Day 3-Snot uncontrollably flows from nose.
Day 4-Chest congestion and coughing.
All of these days are accompanied by a fever and total lack of energy. Each day, I would come home after work and collapse into bed.

Day 5 our energy starts returning....slowly. Each day we get a little stronger. This has been extremely frustrating. We don't have time to be sick NOW! Last night, I was up half the night coughing. UGHHHH!

Last weekend would have been the perfect time to finish our garage ceiling. It was a cool 60F. The yard dried up enough to mow, but we didn't have the energy. We got 2 more inches of rain on Sunday, and another inch last night. The yard is flooded once again. Maybe we should get a goat?

We only have 2 weeks to get our household in order before SME's family arrives. Good thing I have this weekend off!


At 6/20/2007 9:03 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Republicans and Democrats all agree; being sick sucks!

At 6/20/2007 9:43 PM, Blogger tshsmom said...

How 'bout Libertarians? ;)

At 6/21/2007 6:32 AM, Blogger Jeannie said...

I think I had that last week! But other than being incredibly tired, and a little nauseous, I don't think I was as bad as you.

At 6/21/2007 7:04 AM, Blogger tweetey30 said...

The cold we had started out with just a sore throat and then it progressed into a few weeks of stuff. The end of mine last week or the week before ended with a fever for two days straight and lots of sleep. Thankfully it was over the weekend where J could be with the girls. Hope you are well soon though. I hate being sick and knowing my friends are in the same boat.

At 6/21/2007 10:22 AM, Blogger Scott said...

How 'bout Libertarians? ;)

Yeah, we generally dislike illness as well, though we respect your right to get sick.


At 6/21/2007 10:55 AM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, sickness is such a waste of time! Sorry you were all hit so hard.

At 6/21/2007 12:43 PM, Blogger Cherie said...

So sad and sorry to hear you came down with it, too. My sympathy to your whole family and best wishes for snot and cough control, headaches be gone, and energy to get things ready for SME.

And you even went to work. I just slop around and feel sorry for myself when I get like that. You are a better woman than me!

At 6/21/2007 1:22 PM, Blogger zydeco fish said...

I had the same affliction, even the monstrous headache. I just got over it.

At 6/21/2007 5:30 PM, Blogger Gardenia said...

So sorry you are all mucked up - no fun this time of year!

At 6/21/2007 6:53 PM, Blogger DirtCrashr said...

This has been a test of the Somebody Broadcasting Something Nasty-Icky System. In the event of a real emergency: break glass, drink rum, take two asprin and call your doctor in the morning - or get a goat. A goat might be a good Islamo-detector, in case they moved into the neighborhood...

At 6/22/2007 9:58 AM, Blogger Vancouver Voyeur said...

SME and family are coming to see you, not your house, yard or garage. It won't be a fun visit if you're still sick because you tried to do too much this weekend. Take care of yourself and don't overdo it.

At 6/22/2007 1:53 PM, Blogger Squirl said...

I hope you're feeling better now. You've had some crappy weather, that can't help.

At 6/22/2007 10:20 PM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

One thing when everyone gets sick to remember - keep an eye on your water, food, medicine, and ammo supply. The zombie plague can happen at any time and it would be horrible to happen when everyone's sick.

At 6/23/2007 7:54 AM, Blogger tshsmom said...

Jeannie, Tweets, and ZF: This shit seems to have spread all over the continent! :(

Scott, that's one right I wouldn't mind giving up. ;)

WC, the waste of time is what pissed me off the most! I couldn't even catch up on my reading because of the headache.

Cherie, snot and cough control are still iffy. I had no choice about going to work. Soooo, I put on my happy face, took a cold pill, and grabbed a spare box of kleenex to slog my way through work. :(

Gardenia, is there ever a GOOD time to be sick? ;)

DC, I'll try not to breathe on you until I've had a rum and coke. ;)

VV, you're right! While I was sick, I prioritized the to-do list. The main thing we have to do is clear some room for everybody to sleep.

Squirl, the only GOOD thing about our recent weather, is that we now have a low fire danger.

ZS, we woulda been screwed if the plague had struck last week. Our ammo was low, I had to run to town for more cold meds, and we ran out of bread and milk. Water, we had an excess of!


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