Sunday, October 29, 2006

'Nuff Said!

Several of my faithful readers have implored me to quit taking Vest's abuse. Thank you, for your words of encouragement, but I'm fine. I can be quite thick-skinned. Remember, I work with the public. ;)

My motto, when dealing with difficult people, has always been: "Give 'em enough rope, and they'll hang themselves." I had to leave those comments up, as rope. Sure enough; my nasty troll hung himself!

This post will be the end of all the nonsense.

The following are posts and comments from Vest's blog, The Daily Gaggle. Feel free to probe his archives, if you doubt the veracity of my statements. My rebuttals are in red.

To the sweet old Gun Toting Biddy(Quite true, actually. heehee) Who lives in a shoe box, or is it a large Mars Bar with windows? out in Sticksville, the Minne ha ha State in Uncle Samland.In reply to your witch hunting(Checking my blogger records to PROVE that Vest was making the rude, anonymous comments) and bone pointing, I have this to say , finally I hope.(So do we!)If you have an open door(Anon facility) People will use it to their advantage.(Trolling.)It is similar to the democratic principles on voting where anonimity is sacred. it is a priviledge that gives people the right to healthy criticism.On rare occasions this facility has been, not inasmuch removed but monitered in order to filter any incoming obscene and unwarranted language.However, I have accepted the fact there are people in this world who will disagree with my personal opinion, this in its self can be rewarding,(Very true!) more often than not. I have occasionally mentioned to callers that, the over use of swear words will cause deletions but also in the spirit of the game I have allowed close to the bone criticism of my self. which I have found traveling around is rarely approved of on other blogs.This situation will sometimes breed major apposing opinion issues.About a year ago a gun debate arose on an American blogsite,(This was on Zombieslayer's [ZS] blog. I've been re-reading his posts, and oddly enough, Vest didn't enter into any of our gun-control discussions. Hmmm. Vest DID post a couple of anti-gun rants on his own blog. Both ZS and myself replied quite civilly to his viewpoint. I even went so far as to say that I understood why he didn't like guns after witnessing the carnage of WWII.) where I had made frequent calls previously. Unfortunately I dared to point out my reasons for more gun control, Quoting incidents where lax laws world wide were allowing normal people who in a induced fit of rage brought about by some particular upset in their lives, to resort to aimlessly slaughter innocent people while mentally distraught.Suddenly I was pilloried by a host of people I thought were normaly adjusted.(If ANYBODY can find evidence of this, please let me know. The only other gun-control discussions I have been in, were on Laura's and Grizzly Mama's blogs. Have I EVER been less than civil? Laura and I remain friends, even though we have agreed to disagree on this subject.) Political, professional, Religious pot smoking creeps and a plethera of Hill Billy Rednecks, I knew at that point I was mixing it with a bunch of self centered dogmatic and unswerving people in the blog world.From then until today, much bickering and grovelling among blogsites has been the order of the day, like you kiss my ass(Oh my, profanity!) and you may comment on any silly unimportant drivel you wish to providing its approved sometimes by a inane blog administrator.I dared to question one particular Ignominous Gun Toting Hobnail booted(Hobnails don't work well on a ladder. I wear my worn out work shoes....New Balance....made in AMERICA.) toolbox carting female Redneck, who hailed from sticksville minnesota, on the Gun issue, from that point on her coolness in my direction has not wavered,(NO, my coolness commenced when you started trolling Sadie, in the exact same manner you trolled me! At this time, I started following Vest around blogger. I found a comment, from him, on an anti-Christian troll's blog. Vest suggested that this troll would enjoy trolling Sadie's blog. The next episode occurred right before ZS quit blogging. Vest went to DHG's blog, and goaded him into returning to ZS's blog. DHG was the ONLY person that ZS ever banned, after repeatedly warning him to quit insulting his commenters. Apparently, ZS was becoming too boring for Vest too. He wanted to "stir the pot". Why?)with a barrage of kick ass(MORE profanity.) replies from this purveyer of four letter expletives.(WHERE are these "kick ass" replies? Yes, the last couple of months, I have responded to Vest's rudeness on my blog. Most of those responses were in reply to his obvious disdain of women. No expletives were used. I did, however, aim a few choice words Saby's way. ;) Yes, I DO swear on occasion. Have I offended any of you? Let me know.) The "SAVE BABE" info which was sent out( optional to open) depicting cruelty in the world wide slaughter house industry was followed by a cynical apposing bacon fest by a person unsympathetic to the cause,(NO, Vancouver Voyeur and I were discussing her plans for the upcoming weekend. We have a running joke going about her having fun on weekends, while I slave away on my house. Just part of the fun and friendship of blogging. Baconfest was a gathering of her friends, which involved a potluck of bacon entrees.) the wordsmith bacon lover was informed(Yup, Vest spammed VV's blog with his inane alter-egos. She was forced to enable comment moderation) that even I was not adverse to the taste of crackling, which unfortunately is the destiny of most porkers, the humane angle failed to penetrate the noddles of the bacon scoffers, many were the comments made on this important issue which ended in being deleted by the baconites.These blogsites were now blocking the order of fair play.(Yup, I disabled anonymous comments. Fair play involves having the balls to stand behind your words, by using your blogger identity, NOT by inventing numerous, anonymous identities)Mind you I should have seen the writing on the wall earlier, when 90% of the male comment on hobnails blog was coming from myself.(This is true. My stats indicate that 25% of my traffic comes from Vest. The word STALKING, comes to mind here.) Why had at least a dozen male regular bloggers flown the coop,(The actual count is 7, but thanks for the vote of confidence. The 7 male bloggers, who have "flown the coop", have quit blogging, due to constraints on their time. I had NOTHING to do with their disappearance.) the answer could be they were bored to death of the back stabbing(ALL RIGHT, which one of you is the backstabber? I was obviously too stupid to notice this trend. heehee) gormless input by a few Germaine Greer type Middle aged bimbo's;(Bimbos? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Middle-aged? 4 of us, I think. The rest are sweet kids, in their 20s and early 30s.) who had lost the plot and their partners and were wallowing(Where? When?) in a slush of self pity while explaining their addiction to prescription drugs(Hmmm, I didn't realize that heart medications, antibiotics, and antidepressants were classified as 'addicting' drugs. I also don't remember any discussions on this topic, here.) and not getting off of their fat asses but relying on others to provide support.(I do believe that ALL of us are gainfully employed!)Then came the constant drivel of commentary on the building of a blessed garage,(Yup, quite proud of that garage!) yes, every farting nut and bolt and hair on the paintbrushes were involved in this agonising saga,(If you don't like it, don't read it!) a steady nauseating progress report from the DIY crack pots on how to build a farting garage.Little wonder people were cringing when trying to make polite reply comments.(I believe that my comments, from my friends, proved this point wrong!)There are some very nice people in the blog world(Absolutely!) and heap of gutless morons(ie Vest and Saby) too, those who derive pleasure from guns and waving the big stick to administer pain(The only pain I've seen here has come from Vest.) to others, But cry "Foul" when the compliment is returned.When serving in the British navy for nearly twenty five years I acquired a substantial glossary of unmentionable words, but I never found it necessary to incorporate them in every day language.As for Guns, It is a known fact that, People and Guns are perfectly safe until you forget they are dangerous.If you are a nice person reading this , HAVE A NICE DAY. IF NOT, HAVE A NICE DAY TOO.Anonymous comment welcome. BTW My spell check is not working.

Ok then this is it. Pin your ears back for the Quote of the day.From Stickville Minnesota, Madame Hobnail- Nail whacker had this to say:"I deleted the comments that I found insulting and left the others I liked 'Up', in the true spirit of Freedom of Speech". (I do believe that I have been TOTALLY misquoted here! )

Vest said...
Vest Junior(Eldest son of Vest) possibly alias (other)your comment posted when I was fast asleep at 5.12 am as anon. with the tell tale trash can.For those unaware. My pc is connected by wireless to J V downstairs; which I refer to as the 'Engine Room' owing to the 2nd hand tobacco smoke which floats up the stairs to me in the Captains Quarters. On waking this morning, I turned on the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, as Vest Junior had been up all night(nothing unusual) He's asleep now, but he has access to my pc(never off) for business purposes, i'll talk to him when he wakes, "Yawn". I am considering my retaliating options,(Retaliating to WHAT? Pointing out the fact that ALL the nasty comments on my blog were coming from YOUR computer? No, I do NOT buy the story that your son was behind all this. IF he is to blame, then he's quite a chip off the old block. My sympathies to him!)with ref to a Nth Am Redneck Blog should it turn nasty, as I have mentioned before; "No one can be so calculatedly rude as us British, Which amazes most Americans, who do not understand Studied insult and can only offer abuse and obscenities as a substitute". (I've got better things to do with my time than study insult. Once again, what obscenities?)
21/10/06 12:13 PM

Remember paying attention to detail and listening is one of the lesser known skills that women offer. (Really? Any takers on this one?)

kate from budgewoi said...
hi vestie, it was nice to see you up and about at the club, I came over with my sis and said hello but it was so noisy at the moment, see you on friday will come over and keep rosemary's seat warm and hold your hand while 'R' is on the pokies btw your a great kisser, Oooh Oooh,xxx kate FB. (I'm sure that Kate is one of Vest's pretend friends. Even if she is a real person; is this any way for a supposedly happily married man to behave? Has anybody else noticed that NONE of Vest's pretend commenters can spell, or use correct punctuation? Is this an odd coincidence? Don't think so.)

New post:
GOODBYE NORTH AMERICA (Don't let the door hit you!)
I should have realised from the start that Blogging was not going to be easy in Nth America. However, it has been a period of learning on how the people in the twilight zone spend their lives; those who sport a similar language but dissimilar habits and in most cases entirely differing opinions. By treading carefully initially and doing a lot of 'Yessing'(A new word) I was able to relax until the time I was in agreement with an English blogger D H G (Check out ZS's archives. Vest was also attacked by DHG. He replied, in kind, to the insults. Vest NEVER agreed with DHG during this exchange!)who had been kicked to death by anti Europeans, it was then I felt my first stab wound.(Delivered by DHG. Not ONE American blogger attacked Vest!)Soon to follow was the gun debate in which I was the only detractor to the gun lovers in this lopsided stoush.(I couldn't find ANY comments from Vest in these discussions. Laura, however, contributed many opposing comments on those posts. Guess what? We're all still friends!) Former friends were now becoming antagonists bar one or two which kept me hanging on, then came the inquisition, someone began probing the blogs with nasty innuendo, and by using several aliases from a site in India, was able to infiltrate into several sites, for which I collected the blame.(Not from ME! I knew that Vest and Saby were 2 different people. However....Vest has a nasty habit of behaving like Saby. There's one big difference between the two: Saby's a hacker; while Vest hasn't discovered the Favorites option on his browser. Vest connects to my blog by Googling TSHSMOM, every time! After the "Sadie incident" of January '06, I've been casually tracking Vest and Saby through blogland. Not a pretty sight!) Nevertheless the dung clung and from then on I was blatantly put down by Madame Hobnail from Minnesota and her foul mouthed pig pen of bacon loving loonies. It was time to go, I had Left my mark indelibly in The Land of the Free. (This is, unfortunately, a true statement.)

Sophocles once said. It is Silence that makes a woman beautiful. And when asked if he would teach his daughters a foreign language replied "One tongue is sufficient for a woman". so would you all very kindly. S T F U.FINI. (Misogyny anyone?)

Does anybody remember the obscene "wobblies" comments, that were left on our blogs, when we were all new to blogging? Those comments were left by Vest, who was trying to promote his book. I realised this after reading his book. I forgave the behavior; attributing it to a lonely old man, trying to gain attention for his accomplishments.

ZS and I became faithful readers of Vest's blog, even though it didn't always make sense. Several of our kind friends followed us over there. We all wanted Vest to find fun and friendship in blogland. Unfortunately, this wasn't Vest's agenda.

Vest quickly gave up his "wobbly" campaign. He had discovered a new way to increase traffic to his blog...TROLLING. This strategy worked well, for a while. Increased traffic prompted Vest to join AdSense. NOW, he renewed his efforts to get more people to his blog. This quickly backfired on him. The trolls, who he was imitating, and encouraging, started trolling Vest's blog. At this point, Vest's only commenters, are make-believe friends, whom Vest has invented. Not ONE of them is a legitimate blogger. Too bad Vest hasn't realized that honey gathers more flies, than vinegar.

It's amazing how some people's true colors emerge behind the screen of anonymity! In the beginning, I thought Vest was my friend. My fault. I always tend to look for the good in people, and I always will! Now I realize that Vest was NEVER our friend. His views on Americans, Canadians, and WOMEN, has become glaringly apparent.

In conclusion, I want it to be known that, I've NEVER posted, or emailed, ANYTHING, anonymously! I enjoy writing. I choose my words carefully, so I can take pride in them. I stand behind my words....'nuff said!

Oops, I forgot one important fact. In case any of you were wondering; NO, we don't let Z visit porn sites. He found the link, about the sale of used sex dolls, on one of the humor sites he reads. The whole idea totally grossed him out. We all got a good laugh out of it though. ;)

We now return to our regularly scheduled program. Let the boredom, backstabbing, and profanity resume! ;)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Look Ma, I'm a Harlot!

To my DEAR fellow "deviates". LMAO!!
I thought I would post the comment that was left as an "SOS" on Saby's blog. Saby is one the infamous trolls, that I mentioned in my last post.
The following "gentleman?" in question, adamantly denies leaving an SOS, in my last post's comments. I'll let my readers judge for themselves.

Vest said...
Hi saby Long time no hear.I am at present being pursued by a nest of Nth American Female cock hunting deviates, to whom I dared stand my ground, there are a heap of them after my sausage.since I retaliated by exposing their frailties. this bunch of fascist female vipers led by TSHSMOM who is a hob nailed hammer wielding harlot from Minesota simply refused to believe my expose' of the slaughter house industry, these female baconite's I shall refer to them as, promoted a "we like pork" slogan, despite their knowledge of the horrific scenario of pigs and other animals dying in agony.Yesterday our new $2,373.00 bedroom suite was installed,despite my years it passed with flying colours, the 21 year old B/S is to be given to charity. gottagoseeya
6:04 AM

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in an 8o-some-year old "sausage"! ;)
I find it amusing that nobody, including me, mentioned the above troll by name. I thought we were discussing trolls in general. Oh well, if the shoe fits....

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scrunch's Attic

That title sounds like a kid's show on PBS, doesn't it?

Last weekend, carpentry work was the LAST thing on my agenda. L(Scrunch), had other plans, however. He was complaining that he had a lovely stairway, installed in the garage, that led to bare rafters. L had hoped that we could have had time to sheet and insulate the attic portion of the ceiling. He had been dreaming of an easily accessible area to store our Christmas decorations after the holidays.

Sooooo, we once again strapped on our toolbelts, charged up the drilldrivers, unfolded the ladders, made a trip to Menards, and completed our last carpentry project of the year (hopefully).

L is ecstatic, which makes me happy. "Scrunch's Attic" was well worth one more weekend of back-breaking labor. Unfortunately, this means that we have to complete our winterization projects the cold, gray, blustery, snow-spitting Minnesota weather!

My apologies to my readers if our summer's projects have bored you. I have several, faraway friends and family members, who have been following our projects on my blog. These loved ones only comment via email (they don't quite GET blogging). Their reviews have been quite enthusiastic. I have also been contacted, via Google searches, by other DIYers, who have questions about replacing subfloors, insulating, toilet repair, and outdoor painting. I hope I have been of some help to you.

This leads me to make a comment on the true spirit of blogging. My blog has ALWAYS been a commentary on our "boring" lives. This blog shares our day-to-day struggles and accomplishments. We ARE simple people. Life CAN be boring. DEAL WITH IT! There are plenty of blogs out there that are devoted to politics, veganism, atheism, and pornography. Sadly, there are also blogs devoted to "trolling" certain groups of people. These people enjoy "stirring the kettle" by making the lives of kind-hearted people miserable. I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR on my blog. As a result, I have disabled anonymous commenting. Most people, who have had questions about TS or DIY, have contacted me via email, so this shouldn't be a problem. My apologies to my ONE desireable anonymous commentor, our granddaughter. Sorry Dems, SME will have to set you up with a blogger identity.

One of my readers has been quite vocal, and nasty, about the content of my blog. The last few months, I have been plagued by rude comments about women, lawyers, North Americans, our DIY projects. and BACON(of all things). I deleted the comments that were insulting to my friends. I left the rest of the comments up, in the true spirit of freedom of speech.

My final word on this subject is: If you don't like my blog, don't read it! The blogworld is FULL of many diverse subjects. Find blogs that you enjoy reading; I have!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Favorite Bird

My apologies to my non-North American friends. I wrongly assumed that Chickadees, like sparrows, were common to all northern climes. After doing some research, I found that northern North America is the only place that the black-capped chickadee is found. I now feel quite privileged, and honored that they inhabit MY back yard.

Chickadees have always been my favorite bird. They're usually very sweet, and quite tame. We have several, who will land on us while we're filling the feeder. They'll also eat out of our hands, if the feeder is empty. They can also be quite feisty, and defensive when challenged. Maybe that's why I like chickadees so much; their personality is similar to mine.

From our years of observing chickadees, we've found that each one has it's own special seed-opening perch. Chickadee's beaks are quite small, so they find a spot where they can wedge their sunflower seeds to open them. Each chickadee has his own spot and they're quite territorial about their spots. They get miffed with us, when we eliminate their special spots by trimming the tree next to the feeder. I'm certain that the bottom picture is of that chickadee's seed opening spot.

Chickadees are rather hyper, which makes them difficult to photograph. We have hundreds of chickadee action shots. In other words, blurry feather shots. We do have several decent pictures of chickadees eating out of our hands. I'm just too lazy to find them right now.

Cornell University has found that: "The chickadee's simple-sounding calls have been found to be extremely complex and language-like. They code information on identity and recognition of other flocks as well as predator alarms and contact calls. "

I'm so glad that this study was done. Now I know I'm not crazy when I talk to the chickadees and they talk back to me. Chickadees insist on looking you in the eye while talking to you, even if they have to cling to your hair and hang upside down over your forehead. Chickadees have virtually no weight. They feel like a vibrating ball of energy when they sit in your hand.

Cornell also says:
"Its apparently cheerful activity throughout the harshest winters has won it the admiration of many people. "
I guess that about sums it up; a cheery face to brighten our winters.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Snow Envy

My good friend, Vancouver Voyeur, is having a bad case of snow envy. She loves when snow sticks to the trees. I thought I'd treat her to a couple of pictures.

This task wasn't as easy as it seems. The wind has been blowing at 30mph for 5 days, so I had to find a sheltered spot in my back yard, where the snow wasn't blowing off the trees. Note all the green leaves that are still on the trees. Weatherwise, 2006 has been a freaky year!

This picture actually has 3-4 chickadees in it. Their plumage blends right into the background. After I snapped the picture, they made a beeline to our birdfeeder, scolding me all the way. I was blocking their normal flightpath to the feeder.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ta Da!

L and I are proud to present: one newly repainted house! We finished just in time. This morning, we woke to....
Snow on the leaves in our yard! Followed by.....
Icicles on the house.

We're hoping for a couple more nice October days, so I can paint the trim on the back of the house. At least we've got the house all sealed up for the winter, if winter is here to stay.

We're crossing our fingers that the paint will stay on the house this time. The last time we painted the house, the paint started flaking off during the winter. We think this was a result of bad primer. The only areas that flaked, were the areas we primed. It flaked off right down to the original paint.

L sanded down the flaked areas, and applied a clear primer, made especially for flaking paint. If this doesn't work, we'll be:
a) Swearing
b) Crying
c) Drinking
d) all of the above

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Day In My Life

Since the end of June, when the contractors completed their work on the garage, the following has been a typical day in my life.

5:45 A.M.-1:30 P.M. : Work
2:00-6:30 P.M. : Work on garage, house, or shed
6:30-7:00 P.M. : Clean up and put away tools, materials, and ME.
7:00-9:30 P.M. : Cook dinner, clean kitchen, eat, go to bed.

We've accomplished a LOT!
So far we've:
Primed and put 2 coats of paint on the garage.
Put 2-3 coats of paint on the shed.
Cut, painted, hung, and caulked trim for the shed.
Built a new ramp for the shed.
Cut back brush and trees behind the garage and shed.
Laid 76 sidewalk blocks between our back door and the garage. Poured 2 Quikrete transition corners in the garage sidewalk.
Laid 7 sidewalk blocks for L's new grill and moved said monstrosity to it's new home.
Installed 2 garage door openers.
Doubled the ceiling joists in preparation for our garage attic. Installed a pull-down stairway in the garage ceiling, for our future attic.
Scraped up the dried mortar, that spilled when the contractor installed the block, off the garage floor.
Scabbed a stud into the garage wall, where the contractors missed the seam on 2 pieces of siding. (This is the only mistake we've found in their work.)
Installed front and back outside lights on the garage.
Installed locks, and knobs on the garage entrance door.
Installed windwash board and hurricane clips in the garage.
Caulked the entrance door, corners, and windows on the garage.
Caulked all the windows and trim on the house at least twice. (They changed the formula of the caulk I've always used, to make it more paintable. For some reason, this makes the caulk shrink when it cures, and I have to put a second coat on.)
Installed new siding, trim, insulation, and supports beneath 4 of our windows.
Put a fresh coat of deck stain on our house skirting.
Sanded, primed, washed, and painted the 2 long walls of our house.
Moved most of the tools from the sheds to the garage.
Built a CD-DVD storage unit for Z's room.
Rebuilt Z's closet to accomodate his newly rebuilt computer.
Replaced the toilet in Z's bathroom.
Leveled out the hump of dirt left by the electricians when they dug in the power to the garage.
Shoveled and raked out 6 yds of gravel.

So far we've used 8 gallons of primer, 20 gallons of paint, and 15 tubes of caulk.

In my spare time I do laundry, grocery shop, and pay the bills. We haven't cleaned the inside of the house since we started our projects (except for the bathrooms). The inside of our house looks like a war zone, but the outside is looking great!
Homeschooling has been suspended since September.

We still have to:
Caulk the big garage doors.
Build a new snow cover for our air conditioning unit.
Tarp the air conditioning unit and the camper for the winter.
Move L's small workbench and the scroll saw into the garage.
Winterize and put away the mowers and rototiller.
Prep the snow blower for winter.
Level the porches.
Shim the front porch door so it latches.
Paint the house trim, back porch, and 2 ends of the house.
Wash the outside of the windows.
Sew a curtain to serve as "doors" on Z's newly rebuilt closet.
Install a light in Z's closet.
Install the new kitchen faucet that's been taking up space on the counter all summer.
Install new ladder hangers on the shed.
Hang new house numbers.

It's supposed to snow on Wednesday.
Are we having fun yet?